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Next Rally Day

SUNDAY, 12th July 2020


COVID19 adjusted rally day is coming your way!

Check out the GGPC COVID19 Management Plan to see how the club is safely executing rally days in the future!

  • GGPC now has a GGPC COVID19 Management Plan so we can resume our activities safely! Check it out below. 

  • We pride ourselves on teaching our children, but we also value up-skilling our volunteer instructors. Associates included!

  • PCA has released a new curriculum for our riders, but do you know they have also updated the coaching manuals? 

  • GGPC supports instructor training, if you are keen to become an instructor or qualified in other areas like judging, course designing or games expert let GGPC committee know and we can assist.  

  • The club would not exist without our volunteers!

  • GGPC Committee has developed a new strategic plan for 2020-2025.  

  • The plan is focused on key pillars that provide the foundations of all our activities and achievements.  

  • We always encourage member feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact with your thoughts and opinions. 

  • GGPC will be reintroducing theory lessons tailored around your certificate level at this years rally days. Improved equestrian skills comes from theory and practical application.   

  • PCA has just updated certificate manuals. Manual books are now available for purchase from PCA.

  • Visit to purchase certificate manuals.

GGPC COVID19 Management Plan
Gearys Gap Pony Club Strategic Plan
Rider Certificate Manuals
Facility Ambitions
  • The GGPC committee worked hard last year to complete the GGPC Dressage arena fence. We now have a 20mx60m dressage arena safe for all levels of riding. 

  • The club has ambitions to upgrade the tie up railing and yards. A grant has been submitted to QPRC to assist with this upgrade. Keep your fingers crossed!

  • GGPC has recently purchased new jumps. The committee will endeavour to find a storage solution that provides an easy set up and pack up solution. More to follow!

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