Pony Club is a wonderful way to develop an enjoyment of equestrian sport in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. For older riders it is a great opportunity to develop a strong social, educational and mentoring network within the equestrian community, share in the enjoyment and challenges of horsemanship, and remember that an important part of riding is simply fun and friendship.


For our young riders the excitement of meeting new friends, being supported to take the next step, a little bit of healthy peer pressure, and inspiration from watching the “big kids” means that your child will find fun and fulfilment in being part of the Club atmosphere.


When things don’t go to plan they will find a capacity for resilience as they are encouraged by members of their group, the instructors, and the families around them. Building confidence and resilience is an inbuilt value of Pony Club.


Our club offers fabulous facilities set within the Les Reardon Reserve including a newly constructed cross country course. We cater to all ages from 3-25, and regularly offer instruction in dressage, showjumping, cross country and mounted games. We also bring in people to talk about other equestrian disciplines, horse health and other interesting topics.


If you would like to join our club, please send an email to


If you have not visited Gearys Gap Pony Club, we encourage you to do so!

Come up to the Club House and one of our committee members will be happy to show you around.

Riders are also welcome to have a “Come and Try” day at a cost of  $25 per rider to cover insurance.


Membership Administration for 2021


All paperwork (with the exception of risk forms) are completed online via the provided electronically and we ask that you fill in the forms, save them for future use, print each form out, sign it and return it to the club’s membership officer as a hard copy, either by post or in person.


IMPORTANT If you are attending events in January please make sure you have completed all forms and returned them to the club with applicable fees prior to 20th December.


Checklist to join GGPC - clickable link to each form

1. GGPC membership form

2. GGPC Volunteer form

3. PCANSW Member Protection Declaration form (for those 18yo and above)

Other forms that may be applicable specifically to you - please see description below

4. Horse & Property ID form

5. Rider Contact & emergency details form - if you are new to GGPC

6. Risk Warning Form (not available electronically, only available from Membership Officer)

7. Horse Lease form (if horse is not owned by you)

8. Uniform information is located under the tab labelled Things you need to know




  • GGPC Membership Form – each joining member must be on the membership form (including parents). Please note if you are under 18 you must have at least one parent joining with you.

  • GGPC Volunteer form - all members are required to commit to two volunteer activities in the course of the year.

  • Horse and Property Identification Form -all horses that come to any PC activity needs to be placed onto this form plus the PIC# of where the horses reside.  

  • PCANSW Member Protection Declaration  PDF Doc. This must be completed by ALL members 18 years and over - signature to be witnessed by Membership Secretary.

  • Rider Contact and Emergency Details – This is an additional form that needs to be kept on hand at Rally Days, all riders in one family can be put on the same form. Only if you are new to GGPC.

  • Horse Lease Form PDF Doc. Only required if you do not own the horse you plan to ride at Pony Club, you can obtain these from the PCANSW website.

Unfortunately the compulsory Risk Insurance Forms are not available electronically.  They will be available for you to collect on Rally Days.  Should you require these forms earlier than this please contact the Membership Secretary via email:


NB: PCANSW have very strict guidelines on membership applications. If your membership is returned to the club incomplete, (some examples from last year: no risk forms, no date of birth recorded, no pic #, no parent membership returned) your application for membership will be returned to you and you will not be allowed to participate in any Pony Club activities until this is remedied.  Once all correctly completed forms are returned and payment in full has been received the club will send your application to PCANSW for completion. If you have any questions please contact the membership officer.


**************** REQUIREMENT **********************


Working with Children checks (WWCC) compulsory for membership.


Please note that a requirement of PCANSW is that anyone 18years and older that has responsibility of children at any time needs to have a WWCC. Gearys Gap Pony Club at a committee meeting in 2015 made the decision that anyone aged 18 years and above would require a WWCC to be able to join or renew their membership. The committee decided this for a few reasons: at any time, any parent maybe asked to step in and supervise a group of children, we have a rotating roster for troop leading and some sessions on rally days are led by the troop leader. Also, it is not fair to the committee members to police who has or has not a WWCC at each rally day and then to make sure those without a WWCC are not in direct supervision of children. The protection of our children is paramount and obtaining a WWCC is one step closer to achieving this. Please assist the MPC committee by following the steps below and complying with our decision.


  • All volunteers and members 18 years and over MUST apply for a WWCC registration number. That is anyone born prior to 1/1/1999

  • This registration number is free for all volunteers.

  • Your WWCC registration number must be supplied to the pony club and then be verified.

  • WWCC numbers are valid for 5 years.

  • All volunteers and members 18 and over please  go the following website and start the proceedings for obtaining this number.

  • Once you have an application number you need to take this number and photo ID to a NSW RTA

  • After you have been to the RTA you will get an email with your clearance letter (this can take up to 2 weeks)

  • Once you have received your clearance number you will need to email the Secretary on so that the number can be verified.


Membership Fees 2020


  •     Fees or receipt of EFT must accompany membership forms.  

  •     Fees are listed on the membership renewal form​​

  •     Memberships must be renewed online at 


Fee schedule


PCANSW affiliation fees include your Pony Club insurance.  NB: your insurance is limited to Pony Club activities AFTER you have been gear checked, and includes third party public liability cover for the club. Detail of this cover can be found on the PCANSW web site  Zone affiliation fees cover the co-ordination and support for all activities offered by Zone 16.


The GGPC Uniform colours are jade and lemon as shown below.




















On the left is the full Junior uniform including short boots.  On the right is the optional vest.  The matching gaiters and boots seen in the right hand picture are allowed for wear by Juniors as well as Associates


The following items are compulsory for competition or representing the club:

Lemon long sleeved shirt                                                     Available from most school uniform supply                                                                                                                              shops - MacDonalds Kids Wear in Jamison or Workin Gear              Fyshwick

Jade Merino Wool jumper                                                     Contact GGPC we have a few in stock or Workin Gear - $85

Jade Merino Wool Vest                                                          Workin Gear Schools - $70 - limited stock - contact GGPC if                                                           they do not have the size you require

Jade polo shirt with logo                                                       Workin Gear Schools - $27

Workin' Gear Schools: Mel Reed 6255 1029 or email

Tartan tie                                                                                Available to purchase from club on rally days - $33 

GGPC saddle-cloth. Orders placed direct with Club Colours Direct. Cost varies on style and size. Please mention GGPC when placing an order. 

Contact: Narelle Stevens on 02 6622 5002 or email


Fawn / beige jodhpurs                                                          Horse supply shops 


The following items are compulsory at all times:  

Elastic sided smooth soled riding boots                              Horse supply shops $50 up

Riding Helmet to the Pony Club Australia standards         Horse supply shops $50 up

If you have any questions regarding uniform contact club at 


Not compulsory:

Macpac winter jackets                                                             

Available from the club - some sizes in stock - Bulk orders done periodically, register your interest with the club anytime. For sizing please visit Macpac store in Londsdale St, Canberra City.

Jackets are available to all members of the family (females, males, with or without GGPC logos).

Prices vary each order, as a guide Kids $88, Women $106, Men $114

Sun protection summer tops – intro price of $45 – contact Anita on 0402302857


Click here for an outline on how our rally days are run.