Membership Administration for 2021


Memberships are now done online via Omnisport - Pony Club Australia. Once you have completed a come and try and want to become a member please email the club secretary for more details on how this is done. Our email is Fees do alter yearly, however fees are approximately $140 for riding member and $40 for non-riding member. Family discounts are applied for additional riding members. 

Come and Try

Gearys Gap offers a come and try day. It is a great opportunity to get a feel of what our club is about and meet the committee, families, friends, instructors and volunteers that make our club so successful. Riders are also welcome to have a “Come and Try” day at a cost of  $25 per rider to cover insurance.


If you would like to come and try, please send an email to 

NSW Active Kids Voucher


Families are usually eligible for a $100 discount on Pony Club membership by applying for the NSW Active Kids Voucher. Applications are done through the Service NSW website or mobile app. Once an approved voucher number is received, this number can be used in the pony club online membership process to discount annual fees by $100 per applicable member. 


GGPC survives through the thankless efforts of families volunteering. To share the load, the committee expects all members are required to commit to two volunteer activities in the course of the year.​


Working with Children checks (WWCC) 


Please note that a requirement of PCANSW is that anyone 18years and older that has responsibility of children at any time needs to have a WWCC. All committee members have this completed. The protection of our children is paramount. Any adult member that is involved with volunteer activities is also required to have this. Therefore we request all adult members apply for a WWCC. Without your assistance this puts additional pressure on the committee to uphold PCANSW requirement and ensures the protection of our children. Please assist GGPC committee by following the steps below. 


  • All volunteers and members 18 years and over MUST apply for a WWCC registration number. That is anyone born prior to 1/1/1999

  • This registration number is free for all volunteers.

  • Your WWCC registration number must be supplied to the pony club and then be verified.

  • WWCC numbers are valid for 5 years.

  • All volunteers and members 18 and over please  go the following website and start the proceedings for obtaining this number.

  • Once you have an application number you need to take this number and photo ID to a NSW RTA

  • After you have been to the RTA you will get an email with your clearance letter (this can take up to 2 weeks)

  • Once you have received your clearance number you will need to email the Secretary on so that the number can be verified.